Benefits Of Installing Window Guards

  Stained and leaded glass windows are one of the most striking architectural features of historical buildings. They are often the key feature to look at both from the inside and outside of a building. Leaded windows are very durable if cared for in the right way. However, the main issue with stained and leaded … Read More

Benefits Of Stained Glass Door Panels

Are you searching for a beautiful and unique door for your home? Then you may want to consider a door with traditional stained glass panels, a feature used for centuries that has seen a revival in recent years. Front doors with stained glass panels are not only a fantastic way to inject some character and … Read More

Advantages Of Metal Window Restoration & Repair

Keeping metal window frames in a good condition is crucial in maintaining the aesthetic appeal and character of a building. While metal and leaded windows are durable and last for a long time, they can develop warping and rust without proper care and attention. At Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists we specialise in metal window restoration … Read More

Why Protecting Stained Glass & Leaded Windows Is Important

Stained glass windows are well known for their colourful beauty and individuality. For centuries they have decorated and told stories in the windows of buildings across the world. One of the most incredible aspects of leaded light windows and stained glass doors is the aesthetic appeal they bring to both the interior and exterior of … Read More

How Stained Glass Windows Are Made?

Stained glass windows are some of the most unique works of art in the world. But have you ever wondered how they are made? In this blog, we discuss the creative process behind the beauty of stained glass windows. Short History of Stained Glass Windows Stained glass windows have been around for generations, but their … Read More

How Are Stained Glass Windows Repaired?

  Stained glass windows are often the centrepiece of old or historical buildings. They can be hundreds of years old and often have a rich history associated with them. Over time, stained glass windows can become worn, damaged or increasingly fragile. This creates a problem as repairing stained glass windows is not an easy process and takes the expertise of a stained glass specialist.   It is possible to … Read More

Benefits Of Conservation Grade Double Glazing On A Listed Building

Listed buildings can be both a blessing and a curse for many homeowners. On one hand, listed buildings are usually full of character with beautiful features such as stained glass windows. On the other, they are often poorly insulated due to original single glazed windows that offer reduced energy efficiency. This is why double glazing … Read More

5 Stained Glass Window Designs & What They Look Like

The numerous different styles of stained glass windows can seem a little confusing, especially with their similar ornate designs and bright colours. This simple guide describes the differences between the 5 most popular stained glass window styles, including Edwardian, Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Bespoke stained glass windows, all of which offer unique aesthetic … Read More

How To Recognise Rotting Wooden Window Frames

The first signs of rotting wooden window frames are not always easy to spot and can go unnoticed for some time. Although there are ways to repair affected areas, once a wooden window frame has begun to rot and there is clear visible damage, there’s very little that can be done to salvage it. That’s … Read More

The Difference Between Stained Glass & Leaded Glass Windows

The terms stained glass windows and leaded glass windows are often used to describe the same windows, which is why we’re always being asked to explain the difference between the two options. Although interchangeable, both terms do not have the same meaning and stained glass windows and leaded glass windows can be windows in their … Read More