4 Signs You Need Stained Glass Window Repair

April 15, 2021

Well known for their sustainable durability, stained glass windows can last over a century before any restoration if they are genuine and well maintained. To ensure the need for stained glass window restoration is kept at bay, it is vital to be aware of early signs of emerging damage.

With evidence of stained glass windows appearing in churches and monasteries in Britain as early as the 7 century, many would not be around today if not for expert stained glass window repair. We have a passion for preserving original glasswork and our stained glass specialists can identify and fix any of the early signs of deterioration below.

Chips and Cracks in Stained Glass

Glass becomes prone to cracking under pressure as it ages due to the material becoming brittle over time. Although stained glass windows are highly durable, and one crack is not an immediate threat to the overall health of the window it is important to have it checked.

Stained glass specialists can fix small breaks in situ using a special method of glueing the original glass that leaves little trace of the original break. Chips that occur can be increasingly detrimental to the support against structural pressure as weak spots will form if not addressed.

Bowing, Buckling, and Bulging

The glass in stained glass windows is held together by lead frameworks that generally have a service life of 70-100 years. If your window is older than this then you may have noticed bulging in the glass which indicates the lead beginning to fail. This requires more of an urgent stained glass window repair as leaving it in this state can cause a collapse in the entire panel.

Panel Gaps

If you have noticed sunlight beaming through gaps in your stained glass window this could be down to a disfigured frame. The severity of this issue ranges from tiny cracks to large gaps, despite what end of the scale your window is on, it all builds up to the pressing matter of glass no longer being secure and could fall out of the frame.

Do you need help finding an expert for stained glass window restoration or repair? Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists have assisted with window repairs and restorations in the UK for over 30 years. To get started on repairing your stained glass piece, contact Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists today. Whether it’s stained glass doors or windows, our skilled team of experts can take care of it all. Call 01202 882208 today, or email info@lead-windows.co.uk with your enquiry.

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