How Are Stained Glass Windows Repaired?

October 19, 2021

Stained glass windows are often the centrepiece of old or historical buildings. They can be hundreds of years old and often have a rich history associated with them. Over time, stained glass windows can become worn, damaged or increasingly fragile. This creates a problem as repairing stained glass windows is not an easy process and takes the expertise of a stained glass specialist. It is possible to fix smaller breaks onsite by using a special glueing method, which once dry will blend in with the original glass. However, some cases require the removal of the whole panel which is then taken away for a full stained glass window repair. Read on to find out how broken stained glass windows are restored to their original beauty.

Stained glass window re-leading

A stained glass window panel is normally made up of lots of smaller panes of glass, joined together using a method called leading. More often than not, all the glass is still in good condition but over time the lead joints have become worn. During the stained glass window restoration process, individual pieces of glass get taken out and cleaned and then remade with new leads. This reaffirms the strength of the panel, allows the glass to get cleaned and gives the opportunity to replace any broken or cracked pieces of glass.

How to repair stained glass windows

Repairing stained glass window panels is a specialist process that involves some complex techniques. The first step is to match the colour and texture of the original glass panel. A new piece of glass is then cut to shape and then painted to match the original colour of the panel. Getting the replacement glass to match the colour of the original glass during stained glass restoration can be very difficult to do and involves firing the glass in the kiln multiple times to get the right finish. Once the replacement glass has cooled, the panel is then reassembled and fitted back into the frame. When complete, this process greatly improves the aesthetic and strength of a stained glass window.

If you are looking for a stained glass specialist to repair your stained glass or leaded windows then contact Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists. We have over 25 years of experience repairing stained glass windows and have worked on churches, listed buildings and private properties. For more information about stained glass window repairs, call us on 01202 882208 or email us at to speak to one of our stained glass specialists.

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