Why Do Religious Buildings Use Stained Glass?

May 31, 2022

Stained glass windows play an important part in the architecture of historical and religious buildings. For centuries, stained glass windows have featured in some of the most impressive churches and cathedrals. There are a number of reasons why there is often stained glass in the windows of churches. Stained glass windows date back to the 10th century and their use in religious buildings has had enormous significance for hundreds of years. At Sherriff Stained Glass Specialist, we offer a range of church stained glass window protection services. It is important that we protect and maintain these incredible works of art to ensure they’re enjoyed for many years to come. Our services include anything from repairing stained glass windows to installing church window guards. Read on to find out more about the history of stained glass windows and why they are so common in religious buildings.

Natural light

Anyone who has stepped foot in a church or cathedral during the day can attest to the beauty of the natural light shining through the windows. The different colours in the stained glass panels illuminate the interior of churches throughout the day. Stained glass windows were often thought of as ‘windows to the heavens’. Another important component of stained glass is that it allows natural light in while providing a level of privacy for those inside. However, stained glass windows that are not well maintained will eventually become broken or faded. Our stained glass restoration and stained glass protection services ensure they remain structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Religious teachings

At the time when many religious buildings like churches and cathedrals were being built, most of the general population could not read or write. People would come to church to have the bible read to them, but they would also look to the stained glass windows for visual depictions of the bible’s teachings. Those who designed these windows would often display important biblical teachings and individuals.

Visually pleasing

Aside from the importance of displaying religious teachings, stained glass windows are also visually pleasing. These stained glass panels come in a wide variety of styles and colour schemes. Stained glass windows look amazing both from the interior and exterior of a religious building. Often religious buildings were the central structure in a town or city, so it was important that they looked impressive. To keep stained glass panels in religious buildings in perfect condition for many years to come, speak to one of our specialists about church stained glass window protection.

Cutting edge technology

The installation of stained glass windows in religious buildings provided architects and designers with an opportunity to show the latest techniques and technology that was available. Just as designers now try and create the tallest glass skyscrapers, the intricacy of stained glass windows would demonstrate what was possible hundreds of years ago.

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