Leaded Windows & Metal Window Frames - Meadrow, Godalming

April 27, 2018
Leaded Windows & Metal Window Frames - Meadrow, Godalming

The Brief

We were asked to carry out a thorough inspection of the windows in a period property in Meadrow, Godalming, accessing the quality and condition of the existing leaded glass window and metal window frames. Following our evaluation, we manufactured 44 replacement leaded windows along with 7 refurbished satin black metal opening window frames.

Getting to Work

Following the very detailed quote, we went ahead with building 44 new leaded windows using traditional skills and techniques. Once these were complete, we set about restoring the metal window frames in our Dorset workshop. 7 metal window frames needed restoration, so we bead blasted the rusted metal and then applied a Zinc rich primer. Once dry, we finished the metal casement windows by adding a satin black top coat before re-fitting them with the original hook and pin style hinges.

The Result

The period home remained aesthetically in-line with the period it was built, and the integrity of the leaded windows was reinforced. Restoring metal window frames allows us to prime and prep your metal window frames to withstand weathering and rust for a long time.

To find out more about replacement leaded windows, or for a free evaluation of the quality of your current metal window frames, call 01202 882208 or use our online from to book.

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