Leaded Windows Repair & Restoration for Private Home in Christchurch

December 17, 2020
Leaded Windows Repair & Restoration for Private Home in Christchurch

The Brief

When a client needed leaded windows repair at their private home in Christchurch, Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists was called to take the job. The brief included re-leading the two obscure front door panels of the home. This was to maintain the front door as a visual centrepiece for all those entering the household.

Getting to Work

Leaded windows repair expert, Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists, first had to carefully remove the two panels. Once, removed, the panels were then taken to the workshop in Dorset. This was so that they could undergo full lead window restoration with specialist machinery. To determine the level of refurbishing required, the team also assessed the panels for damage. After this, the glass was then removed to allow the leaded windows repair process to begin.

Once the lead window restoration was underway, the next steps were to cut and solder the lead. The leaded glass windows were secured using lead light cement. This procedure ensures durability and reinforces the strength or the replacement leaded windows. Typically leaded windows with this high-quality bonding will last another 100 years.

The Result

After the lead window restoration was complete, they were then refitted in the door panels. As this was a restoration, the client already had an existing design to recondition. The result was two charming and elegant replacement leaded windows. With a rigorous leaded windows repair process, the two panels are now made to last a lifetime.

If you are looking for a professional in lead window restoration, choose Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists. With years of experience and knowledge on all types of window repairs, the team can assist and tailor to your needs. For leaded windows repair, replacement leaded windows and more, contact Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists. Get in touch today by calling 01202 882208, or by emailing info@lead-windows.co.uk.

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