Littledown House Leaded Window Restoration Case Study

August 18, 2017
Littledown House Leaded Window Restoration Case Study

Littledown House is a six-bedroom Edwardian family home built in 1904. Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists stained glass specialists conducted a lead window restoration to the ground floor opening window frames, to restore their original beauty, of which many were in a particularly bad state.

The lead window frame repair process

After carefully removing the windows, we began the lead window frame repair process by shot blasting the metal back to its raw state before adding any additional lead. We applied a Zinc rich primer and a satin white top coat to the exterior face of each frame, and a satin black top coat to the inside face to create a two-tone effect. With the metal work now finished and ready for reinstallation, we turned our attention to the glazing.

The leaded window restoration process

The windows had reached the end of their 100-year life cycle and urgently needed leaded window restoration. The client opted for bespoke conservation grade double glazing, as they mimic a traditional leaded window but with the added benefits of thermal efficiency and amenity. To match all the house’s windows to the original aesthetic, we also removed a uPVC window frame and replaced it with a new oak frame. However, this frame didn’t have the same metal openers as the original leaded window frames, so we had to cut and make three new openers which was no easy task, but a part of the job nonetheless!

The result

Both the client and the team at Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists were very happy with the refurbished leaded window frames and conservation grade double glazing. Do you have a similar leaded window restoration project in mind?

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