Quadrille Court Window Frame Repair and Leaded Window Case Study

October 15, 2017
Quadrille Court Window Frame Repair and Leaded Window Case Study

Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists latest project involved refurbishing 26 metal window frames and creating 26 new leaded windows for a property named Quadrille Court in Lymington.

The Brief

Quadrille Court is a historic building in the beautiful town of Lymington in the New Forest, Hampshire. The 5-bedroom house is a Grade II listed property built in the 1800s, situated just off Lymington High Street and features two bathrooms, a stylish gallery kitchen and breakfast room, living room, conservatory and downstairs cloakroom. The property was recently modernised whilst retaining its architectural integrity, and the owners wanted to improve insulation and fix any opening windows due to their age-related issues whilst keeping the original design. This required metal window frame repair and the re-making of 26 new leaded windows!

Completing metal window frame repair

During the on-site consultation, the team at Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists checked all windows and advised that all opening window frame elements should be refurbished and repaired due to the rusting metal. 26 new leaded windows also needed to be hand made, that would still look exactly like the original design.

All window frames were carefully removed and brought back to our leaded window workshop. By repairing the existing frame, it saves the expense of getting new metal frames custom made. We used metal coating paints that are specially designed to provide long term protection from rust and weathering.

26 new hand made leaded windows

We hand made 26 new leaded windows, using our knowledge from over 25 years’ experience and the traditional techniques used to make high quality and long-lasting windows with traditional materials. Learn more about how we manufacture leaded windows.

The Result

Upon re-fitting of the metal frames and leaded windows, we checked each window to ensure it opened, closed and locked correctly. The client is delighted with the result and how the traditional appearance of Quadrille Court remains, yet with better insulation and long-lasting windows!

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