Refurbished Metal Window Frames & Leaded Windows - Southampton Road, Fordingbridge

December 6, 2018
Refurbished Metal Window Frames & Leaded Windows - Southampton Road, Fordingbridge

The Brief

Leaded windows add character and charm to a property, which is certainly what was achieved when we added 8 new square leaded windows to the front of a house on Southampton Road in Fordingbridge. To marry with the classic design, we were asked to refurbish the existing metal opening frames and to replace the hard wood window sill.

Getting to Work

Restoring metal window frames is something that our team have lots of experience doing. We specialise in restoring metal window frames of any age and in any condition. This means that our client was able to save themselves the cost of completely new metal window frames.

We used metal-coating paints that are specially designed to protect the frames from any rust or weathering for many years to come. The metal frame was shot blasted back to sound metal and we implemented the necessary repairs. We then powder coated each of the 4 frames with a zinc-rich primer and a powder top coat to match the existing colour.

The leaded glass windows were then fitted and sealed into place. We returned to the property with the finished product, as well as the new hard wood sill to complement.

The Result

By restoring the metal window frames and adding square leaded windows, the charm of the brick walled and wooden beam property was restored.

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