Stained Glass Door Panels Repair in Dovercourt Road, London

December 6, 2018
Stained Glass Door Panels Repair in Dovercourt Road, London

The Brief

We were called out to assess a badly damaged stained glass front door in Dovercourt Road in London. Upon inspection, it was evident that stained glass window repair was required, including significant re-leading.

Getting to Work

A member of our team removed the damaged stained glass door panel and fitted a temporary piece of obscure glass in its place. This is to uphold the safety and integrity of the door, and to prevent the elements from entering the property.

Back in our Dorset workshop, we got to work with the stained glass repair. We re-leaded the stained glass door panel and headed back to Dovercourt Road to fit this securely into the original space.

The Result

The repair and re-leading has improved the appearance of the stained glass front door, but beyond that, it has vastly increased the longevity. A newly re-leaded stained glass door panel will last in excess of 80 years. It’s important to be aware that due to the constant use and sometime vigorous movement it endures, stained glass front doors can suffer traumas sooner than the predicted longevity.

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