Stained Glass Door Inserts – Moor Road, Broadstone, Dorset

November 29, 2019
Stained Glass Door Inserts – Moor Road, Broadstone, Dorset

The Brief

Stained glass specialists Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists were recently tasked with a stained glass door panel restoration project at a property in Broadstone, Dorset.

Stained glass restoration can make a world of difference to a front door, reviving its original beauty. With over 25 years of experience in repairing and refurbishing Victorian stained glass doors, we were delighted to provide this property owner with a front door that looked as good as new.

Getting to Work

Firstly, our team got to work by removing and transferring the original stained glass door inserts back to our workshop in Wimborne, Dorset.

Next, we got to work at our workshop by re-leading and repairing the stained glass door panels. Then, we gave the panels a good clean and polish to give them a beautiful, vibrant shine.

The stained glass door panels were then carefully re-fitted into the front door by our expert team.

The Result

The panels now look in fantastic condition and sit beautifully inside the safety glass panels. Our client was very pleased with the appearance and quality of their stunning, refurbished stained glass door.

This stained glass door now has a fantastic new look due to successful re-leading and repair, as well as a good clean. The property owner was delighted with the work and we were pleased to provide another customer with a great result.

To find out more about stained glass door services by stained glass specialists at Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists, simply contact our friendly team by calling 01202 882208 to discuss your next project.

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