Wisteria Cottage Fitted with Conservation Grade Double Glazing

March 23, 2018
Wisteria Cottage Fitted with Conservation Grade Double Glazing

The quaint and charming Wisteria cottage in North Cheriton, Somerset, has been perfectly upgraded to conservation grade double glazing, housed within lead window joints in the existing wooden window frames for 28 windows.

About Conservation Grade Double Glazing

Our double glazing for listed buildings will improve the cottage’s energy efficiency by trapping more heat in the building. The windows do this by design; two layers of glass sandwich a pocket of air, which decreases conduction of heat. Glass is naturally a very good conductor of heat, so the layer of air that is trapped between acts as an insulating layer.

The new heritage double glazing work to economise energy efficiency by two-fold, due to a transparent metallic coating on the inside pane of the glass. The dual coating reflects heat back into the room, while still allowing heat and light into the room (this is known as passive solar heat gain). The outer window pane is a beautiful leaded window with soldered lead joints coupled with traditional patternisation, housed within a classic wooden window frame.

Benefits of Conservation Grade Double Glazing

It is often discussed as to whether double glazing for listed buildings is a worthy investment. But with several key advantages it’s clear to see why it’s a no-brainer. The layer of air improves trapped heat by making the windows poorer conductors of heat, meaning cooler rooms in summer and a warmer home in winter as your central heating is more effective. On top of this, the extra layer of glass improves window strength, which benefits the security of the listed home.

Finally, because of the improved insulation, the house becomes more energy efficient, resulting in lower energy bills. Essentially, over time the conservation grade double glazing will pay for itself.

The client was delighted with how the heritage double glazing didn’t change the rustic and traditional appeal of the cottage. It can maintain its unique character whilst the energy efficiency and warmth of the home was improved.

We offer conservation grade double glazing for listed buildings, churches and more – please send us your requirements to arrange a consultation. Alternatively, we offer leaded windows and lead window repairs. Please contact us or call us on 01202 882208 to discuss your project with a member of our friendly team.

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