Bespoke Stained Glass Windows in Schloss Hauptwil, Switzerland

August 3, 2022
Bespoke Stained Glass Windows in Schloss Hauptwil, Switzerland

The Brief

The team at Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists were excited to get started on this job working on the Schloss Hauptwil castle grounds in St Gallen, Switzerland. The castle was built in 1665 and so the windows had to be in the same style as the rest of the property. The brief was to design, build and fit five obscure panels of stained glass to the outside tearoom within the grounds of the castle. The stained glass window design needed to incorporate five family crests to the centre of each panel, thereby maintaining the character of the grounds. These windows were to be fitted with five custom-made satin grey steel window frames.

Getting to Work

We got started by designing the stained glass window panels using the family crests we had received, we go through a thorough design process to ensure that every customer is happy with their new stained glass window design. Once agreed, we decided how the steel frames were going to look around them, it was important that the frame didn’t detract from the stained glass but also stayed in keeping with the building itself. We then built the windows in our studio so that they could be carefully transported to St Gallen. Each stained glass panel was carefully added to the steel window frame.

We then transported all five frames to Switzerland ready for them to be added to the historic building. Once we arrived, the pre-existing frames were removed, and we carefully installed the stained glass windows. We started with the outside panels in the group of three so that we could carefully fit the middle panel.  

The Result

The beautiful metal window frames in the Schloss Hauptwil tearoom are now in keeping with the whole historical site and give visitors an authentic space to enjoy. The bespoke stained glass window design provides unique features that directly reference the family that lived there and embrace the castle’s Baroque features.  

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