Diamond Leaded Windows - Redoubt Close, Hitchin

April 27, 2018
Diamond Leaded Windows - Redoubt Close, Hitchin

The Brief

We were asked to build and fit 7 new diamond leaded glass windows to a converted school on Redoubt Close in Hitchen. To ensure the longevity, we added window guards behind each window.

Getting to Work

Every one of the leaded windows was glazed directly to the brick walls, forming its own rebates with a lime mortar mix pointed directly to the edge of the windows and brick work. A lead covered stainless steel bar was used on the inside for strength and security, then wire ties were cut and soldered to the leaded glass window, before being tied around the bars to secure it into place. We added window guards to protect the lead windows.

The Result

The appearance of the converted school is transformed to look more in-keeping with the leaded glass windows of the era it was built. Choosing stained glass protection ensures that the windows are secure.

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