New Leaded Windows and Metal Window Frames – Melchet Court, Romsey

March 11, 2019
New Leaded Windows and Metal Window Frames – Melchet Court, Romsey

The Brief

Melchet Court got in touch with us for new leaded windows with fitted black metal window frames. The original leaded lights had run their course and need to be replaced.

Melchet Court is a red brick, Elizabethan style mansion that was built in the year of 1862 and continues to be maintained. Originally built for for the Lord Ashburton, it went on to serve as a hospital for wounded servicemen during World War One. After that it housed the Ministry of Aircraft Production during the Second World War. This historic building in Romsey is now home to St Edwards School for Boys.

Getting to Work

With 25 years of experience manufacturing leaded windows, we were confident we would be able to help. Our team visited the site and carefully removed the existing leaded windows and templates for the metal window frames.  We then took them back to our workshop for re-leading.

One of our expert designers made four new leaded glass windows along with replicated new satin black metal frames for a dummy south facing window. To increase longevity, we use tinned copper wire ties on our leaded windows. This technique helps to prevent green stains that commonly appear throughout the course of time. For the metal window frames, we used metal-coating paint to protect the underlying metal and provide long-term protection against corrosion.

Once the leaded windows and metal window frames were finished, we returned to Melchet Court to refit their windows.

The Result

Melchet Court now has high-quality leaded windows that will last for years to come. By using traditional techniques, the new leaded windows maintain the vintage character of this historic building. Additionally, the installation of custom-made new black metal window frames has improved the overall appearance of the windows.

If you’re looking to replace leaded windows or metal window frames for your property, please send us the requirements through our online form. Alternatively, you can get in touch about your project by calling our friendly team on 01202 882208.

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