Stained Glass Windows Repair & Triple Glazing - Eldon Road, Bournemouth

December 6, 2018
Stained Glass Windows Repair & Triple Glazing - Eldon Road, Bournemouth

The Brief

This customer came to Sherriff Stained Glass Windows stained glass specialists to restore their stained glass window which was part of a staircase feature in their home. Prominently on display, the customer wanted us to undertake stained glass restoration so that the beauty of the glass could be restored and continued to be showcased in their home.

Getting to work

Firstly, we removed the stunning symmetrical stained glass window feature to be brought to our workshop and restored. The stained glass window restoration required us to repair and re-lead the stained glass window. Restoration is often required for stained glass windows, especially if vintage, as overtime the window can become unstable from the lead that originally came enclosed in the glass deteriorating or cracking due to dryness.

After the stained glass restoration was complete, Sherriff Stained Glass Windows encapsulated the stained glass window panels within a double glazed unit to provide added amenity and superior insulation. In addition, we also resized the original wooden rebates, so that they fit the newly formed triple glazed stained glass windows comfortably and perfectly.

The results

We then finalised the stained glass window restoration and additional measures to ensure a fully upgraded and improved staircase feature. The homeowner can now enjoy added insulation just in time for the winter season, and rest assured that their stained glass restoration has been handled appropriately by a stained glass specialist.

If you would like to enquire about our services or perhaps you are also looking for a stained glass specialist to undertake your stained glass restoration, please get in touch. The team at Sherriff Stained Glass Windows are always more than happy to help! Give us a call today, on 01202 882208, fill out our online contact form, or alternatively contact us via email on

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