Metal Window Frame Repair in Worth Matravers, Swanage

July 5, 2022
Metal Window Frame Repair in Worth Matravers, Swanage

The Brief

For this job, the team at Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists had the task of restoring metal window frames throughout a property in Swanage. The metal window frames are a beautiful feature of this impressive manor house in Worth Matravers. We were looking forward to performing a number of metal window frame repairs to maintain the character of this historical building.

Getting To Work

To begin with we removed the leaded windows from the metal window frames. Once removed we took some of the panels back to our studio to perform a leaded glass window repair. At out studio we re-lead damaged or warped leaded windows and replaced any broken glass pieces.

There were two opening metal window frames that required restoration and 10 in-situ metal window frame repairs to perform. Once we finished restoring the metal frames, we installed temporary glazing until the leaded windows were back from the studio.

Once we finished the leaded glass window repairs, the panels were re-installed in the metal window frames.  

The Result

Historical buildings such as this manor house in Worth Matravers always benefit from leaded glass window repair and the restoration of metal window frames. Once all the metal window frame repairs were complete, the finished result was quite impressive. Not only did it improve the aesthetic of the building, but the frames and windows are now airtight which will improve insulation.  

Are you looking for a specialist to perform a metal window frame repair or leaded window restoration? Our team of experts at Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists have years of experience in stained glass and leaded glass window repair. Get in contact with us by calling 01202 882208 or email  

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