Metal Window Repair For The Chapel, East Sussex

February 16, 2022
Metal Window Repair For The Chapel, East Sussex

Many of the metal window repair and replacement leaded window projects we complete are for old or listed buildings. When left unattended, leaded windows are prone to warping, weakening the overall structure and integrity of the window. Replacement leaded windows or leaded window repair help to restore buildings and their architectural features to their former glory. When carrying out any restoration project for leaded windows, it is important to do so with utmost care and attention to detail.

The Brief

For this renovation project, the client requested a complete renovation of the windows around the chapel. The restoration of this stunning building included re-leading 42 leaded windows, refurbishing 11 casement mental window frames, and fitting 88 phosphorus bronze saddle bars. It was important to the client that this project would restore the windows maintaining the original character of this chapel in East Sussex.

Leaded Window Repair

Leaded windows are designed to last for hundreds of years without much care. However, over time they distort under their weight and some of the individual pieces of glass can become broken or cracked. Leaded window repair involves removing smaller pieces that are loose or leaking water. Once removed a new piece is then added and resealed. In some extreme cases, the whole panel is removed, and a replacement leaded window is fitted.The next step was refurbishing the metal opening casement windows. Metal window frames are strong and durable, however, when exposed to the elements for a long time they can develop rust. This is a problem, particularly as these are casement metal window frames that open and close. Once the metal window repair was completed, the metal casement windows operated perfectly once again.

The Result

The combination of the metal window repair and leaded window repair performed by our specialists has preserved the structural integrity of this chapel’s windows. Re-leaded windows can last for hundreds of years, and the client was very happy with the finished product.Are you looking for a specialist leaded window repair service? If so, then get in contact with one of our team at Sherriff Stained Glass Specialists. Our team have over 25 years of experience in fitting replacement leaded windows and metal window frames. We have worked on both commercial and domestic leaded window repair and restoration projects. If you have any questions about your leaded windows or metal window frames, then gives us a call on 01202 882208 or email us at

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